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February 12, 2014

22 months old

Viv is 22 months old. How. Did. That. Happen??? She seems to have grown into a feisty kid who's full of life over night! This month was a particularly huge "jump" in the growing up spectrum.
  • Viv is now officially potty trained! She is even dry at naps and night! 
  • She is speaking in full sentences nearly all the time! No more one or two word phrases... full out sentences: "Mommy! May I have more ____, please?" "I feel _____." "I don't want to _____." "Can we go to the _____, please?" She's able to ask and answer questions using voice inflection. She uses "filler" words like "um" and "uh" when she is thinking about how to answer a question. She asks us "why?" to get more information. She uses exclamations like, "Oh wow! Cool!" and "Oh my gosh!" She's pretty much hilarious! When we ask her something, she will answer " 'cause." haha.
  • She has decided that Lucielle is actually kinda fun and loves to make her laugh, feed her bites of baby food, and share toys (for a second haha).
  • She continues to be a GIRLIE girl and loves accessories and dressing up like a princess or "woody girl" (cowgirl). 
  • She has quite the imagination and is always pretending: her food becomes a racecar or castle, a spoon becomes a stethoscope, and Lulu is a little princess. Roxie is her baby and she "protects" her when she gets scared.
  • Speaking of imagination and being scared, Viv likes to pretend she is scared when she hears voices outside our apartment. Because of this, she actually is able to make herself legitimately scared at bedtime and she cries, "Scared of the bed! I don't like the bed. All done with bed!" We aren't quite sure if she is scared of having a nightmare, or maybe having an accident, or if her imagination is getting the best of her. The trick so far is for Papa to go in and give her a hug while praying for her, sing her a song, or make sure her and Lulu go to bed at the same time... safety in numbers I guess. 
  •  She is a bit of a picky eater all of the sudden. I think she'd rather play than stop and eat.
  • She loves to make a craft with Mommy and we spend Lucielle's morning nap time creating. Love it!
  • Viv LOVES watching movies. More than she should haha. Maybe because it's a treat. Anything Pixar is her favorite. She is also liking the little bits of Olympics she's been watching.
 "Best buds!"
 Hanging out at the Como Conservatory gave us the fresh air boost we needed to make it through another winter day! I foresee many more trips here in the coming weeks!
Her hair is growing growing growing! So funny it's blonde, but her little pony tail makes me swoon!

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