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December 8, 2013

4 Months old!

Lulu is now Four Months old! She is such a cutie pie! We cherish every day with her. Lucielle is becoming increasingly more aware and adorable! A normal day looks something like this: Wake up around 8:30am. Have some yummy milk, watch sister have breakfast and play with Owly or her ball. Both girls go down to nap/rest aroun 9:30 or 10am. Viv gets to get up first (since she isn't really napping, just having some quiet time in her room). We color or play or read. Lulu wakes up around 11am and eats. Viv has lunch. Both girls take naps around 1pm. When they wake up around 3pm, Lulu eats and then we run errands, play in the snow, read, watch a show do a craft... anything! Lulu takes another nap around 5pm and Viv either "helps" me make dinner, or plays with Papi. We eat dinner around 6. Five minutes into eating dinner, Lulu wakes up hungry haha. She nurses. Then it's bathtime, book, and bedtime for Viv at 7:30pm. Lulu stay up and gets one on one time with Mommy and Papi. We try to make it last as long as possible, but she's usually had enough by 8pm and has her bath, eats on last time and passes out around 8:30pm. Before the dreaded growth spurt and "four month sleep regression" combo, she would sleep from 8:30pm until around 4-6am, then eat and go back to sleep until 8:30am. The past few days she's been up at 2am, 4am, and 6am. Brian reminded me that it's a good thing that her mind is developing so much that she has a hard time calming down. And I can see her trying to roll over in her sleep. Viv used to "practice" upcoming skills in her sleep too.
  • She loves to watch Viv run around our home.
  • She like to be held facing out so that she can see everyone and everything. 
  • She loves to see the Christmas tree at all times! (Mama's girl!)
  • She is very ticklish and gave us her first hearty giggle when I tickled her ribs and under her ears. 
  • She is a Minnesota Baby for sure and loves the cold weather! Even snow doesn't bother her.
  • Lulu isn't the easiest to get a smile out of, but when we do her whole face lights up! I think her cheeks must be too heavy to smile all the time lol.
  • She loves her bathtime and kicks and splashes like crazy each night. 
  • Sleeping has been fairly easy with her. If we catch her before she gets too tired, then we can lay her down awake and 85% of the time she will fall asleep on her own. Sometimes she needs a little extra cuddling and like Mommy to bounce with her on the exercise ball.
  • She still does NOT like a pacifier.
  • She loves her Foxie and sleeps with him snuggled up close.
  • She doesn't like to nurse to sleep. She wants one or the other.
  • She likes to steal peeks at the TV.
  • She always has her hands in her mouth or grasped together under her chin.
  • She is always drooling, blowing bubbles or blowing raspberries. 
  • We still call her LuSqueal because she squeals really high when upset or excited! 
  • Lulu weighs 17.9 lbs and is 26.5". Both make her in the 99 percentile!
  • Lucielle eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day.
We just love you Lucielle!!!
Vivienne kept saying, "Mama! Vivi turn. More pictures, please!" Why would I ever say no? She's too funny!

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