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December 12, 2013

20 months!

Hitting the 20 month mark seems like a big deal! It's like I have an almost two year old now! Whoa! Every night, after Viv has gone to bed, Brian and I exchange Viv stories. Sometimes we laugh so hard that we tip toe to her room to peek in at her sleeping as our hearts swell with love for our oldest daughter! We are so blessed!
  • Vivienne loves body parts. She is constantly pointing out things on Lulu: eyes, hair, belly button, nipples (hahahaha)... etc. 
  • Viv loves to make Lulu smile and gets millimeters away from her face and says, "Laugh Lulu! Be funny!" It's a hit or miss tactic... sometimes she gets a smile, sometimes she gets tears.
  • Viv doesn't like when Lulu cries. She yells, "No! No! No! No crying Lulu! Obey!" She's a bossy big sister. We're working on being comforting by saying, "It's ok Lulu." Which turned into Viv saying, "Ok honey!" while patting her. 
  • Vivi LOVES coloring and crafting! Finally! She no longer puts the crayons in her mouth! We have been doing some sort of morning craft or project together while Lucielle naps. It's so fun!
  • Viv is obsessed with all things Christmas! She's my kid for sure! Her new Christmas vocabulary is adorable! She points out Christmas lights and Christmas trees. She likes to show me all the ornaments, tell us that Santa is pretend, and ask for Candy Canes. She loves her "Snoopy Christmas" movie and asks to play with her "Jesus dollhouse" (the nativity). 
  • She loves weather and stands on the chairs by the window to tell us if it is snowing, windy, rainy or cold. 
  • Playing in the snow was a BIG HIT! I think we'll be doing that often this winter! She was exhausted and took a great nap that day! Her snowman is one of her favorite "people". She goes to the window to say hi each morning, and when we walk by to get in the car she says, "Bye Bye Snowman! See you soon!"
  • Roxie and Baby Bear are her all time favorite toys, but she pretty much loves all stuffed animals.
  • She loves to be read to and to read to us.
  • An ice cube is both her favorite food and drink. Other favorite foods include: Purple Corn (Pomegranate), Cheese, Fishy Crackers, Fruit, Sausage, Carrots and Broccoli. She LOVES marshmallows as a special treat.
  • Vivienne talks quite well and is speaking is 4-5 word sentences. She is bossy at times, but we haven't had too many tantrums because she is able to communicate well. She doesn't, however, understand her emotions yet.
  • She is down to one nap a day. She wakes up around 8:30am. Takes some quiet time alone in her room from 10-11am. And takes an "official" nap from 1-2:30 or 3pm. Then bedtime is at 7pm.
  • Her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Charlie Brown Christmas, and Curious George. 
  • Her favorite movie is "Rapunzel" (Tangled) and "Kids" (Despicable Me).
  • Her favorite sweet treat is chocolate.
  • Vivienne loves to pray for everyone and sing before bed. Her favorite people to pray for include our family, grandparents, cousins, stuffed animals and friends. Her favorite songs for us to sing so she can sing along are Away in a Manger, Angels We Have Heard on High, Jesus Loves Me, and the Doxology. She also like Rudolph, Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman haha.
  • Viv likes to do laundry and clean. Mommy hopes this stays true!
  • Vivi LOVES other kids! She yells "kids!" anytime she sees some. She plays really well, although we are working on sharing. Whenever we get close to Church in Downtown Minneapolis, Viv says, "Hi -apolis! Have fun!" because she knows she gets to play in the nursery and have fun.
Vivienne is a sweet easy going kiddo. We really hit the jackpot with her and are so blessed! She makes us all smile and we can't resist smothering her in kisses daily.

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