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November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my least favorite holiday toward the end of the year. I mean, how can you compete with Thanksgiving and Christmas!?!? The only reason I look forward to Halloween is because it's less of a "holiday faux pas" to listen to Christmas music once Halloween is over. And I'm really not in to all the blood and guts and scary themes to this holiday. BUT... when you have the cutest toddler in the world (unbiased opinion haha) who LOVES Minnie Mouse, I was actually looking forward to Halloween this year. I knew that as soon as we put Viv in her costume and let her look in the mirror, she would freak out! She LOVED it! She called herself Minnie Mouse all day. Adorable! Now I am even MORE excited to take her to Disneyland over Christmas! She also loved that she and Lucielle were "twinsies".

Our first stop was to go to Chipotle for $3 "boo"ritos. Yum! Then we went Trick-or-Treating. It was Vivienne's first time. She caught on remarkably fast! We told her she had to say trick or treat and then should would get candy. Her favorite part was pushing peoples doorbells (buttons!), saying trick or treat, and petting everyone's dogs haha. We only went to about 5 houses before we called it a night because Viv was shivering. Chilly Minnesota! That night we let her eat one piece of candy. She chose a kit kat. I think she instinctively knew there was chocolate inside... her favorite. So cute to watch her open the wrapper and enjoy her candy! I think she thinks "trick-or-treat" means please now because this morning I asked her if she wanted Oatmeal for breakfast and she said "oatmeal trick-or-treat" haha.
 Mommy! People say I'm a cute Minnie Mouse and then give me candy! I love this!
No time for pictures! There's candy in here!

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