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October 29, 2013

Bye Bye Paci!

We always "planned" of getting rid of Vivienne's paci when she was around a year old. But then we got pregnant and I worried about Viv's big transition into big sisterhood without her paci. Especially if little Lucielle had one. I didn't want there to be any jealousy. When Lulu emphatically refused the paci every time we offered it to her, we decided to start planning how to get rid of Viv's paci. We only allowed her to use it during her naps and bedtime. We had her say "bye bye" to it every time she was out of bed. I knew it was time to say goodbye forever when she stood at her doorway waving saying, "Bye bye Paci! See you soon! Love you!" Yikes!

So a few days after she turned 18 months, Grammie came for a visit. For a week we told Viv the plan: we would go to Starbucks, Grammie would buy her a treat and we would throw paci in the trash because she is a big girl now. She agreed each time saying okay.

On the big day, I was sentimental about another big milestone proving my baby is growing up! Viv got her first Starbucks Apple Cider and pumpkin bread. I told her she needed to trade her paci for the treat. When she was done, I had her put her paci in the cup and we walked over to the trash. I told her she was a big girl now and she needed to throw her paci in the trash can. She hesitated and said paci and then she did it! She even clapped for herself and said "good job!" haha.

It has been very apparent that she was ready because she hasn't made a peep! She was totally fine going to bed and taking naps. The first morning after, she did wake up and got out of bed looking for it. When I walked in she was looking under her bed and said, "Paci? Where are you?" I reminded her she threw it away and she said, "Starbucks! Want it!". That kid has a crazy memory!

So now we have a big girl! Who loves Starbucks and points it out every time we drive past one haha.

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