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September 12, 2013

17 months

Vivienne. That kid... I just love her! She makes me laugh like no one else. She is a little fiery ball of giggles! There is nothing she loves more than attention. We can get her to do, wear, or say almost anything if we get excited, clap, and praise her. In some ways I wonder if peer pressure will be a really big struggle for her. She is already so influenced by the people around her. As of now, we are using it to our advantage haha. Vivienne loved taking these photos in Minneapolis. She thought it was soooo fun to run from the wall to Mommy and giggle. Especially because Brian and I were cheering her on haha.

We are starting some prep for potty training. Viv has been really, really interested in the potty and bathroom. She tells us when she's gone poopy and pee. So we have started clapping and cheering whenever we go potty to make a big deal about it. Viv asks to sit on the potty. She hasn't gone yet, but she does "push" her toots out in the toilet haha. We aren't sure exactly when to take the plunge into full potty training, but I bought some Minnie Mouse undies the other day that will make Viv squeal in delight when she's ready to begin. Goodness knows I'm ready to never change a Vivienne poopy diaper again! Ew!

At 17 months, Vivienne loves:
  • Minnie & Mickey Mouse. She gets to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every once in a while and she loves it! There is a song at the end of every episode where the characters do the "Hot Dog, Hot-diggity-Dog" dance and Viv dances and sings along. Super funny! The episode following is Sofia the First, a princess...
  • Princesses! Viv learned about princesses because of seeing a few mins of Sofia the First after Mickey Mouse. So funny. She loved her right away! Now if I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she'll say PRINCESS!
  • She's a girlie girl! She loves her "pretties" (bracelets) and her necklaces. Especially if they are mine. She also LOVES her new purse that Grammie bought and sent her. She grabs it and her pretend phone every time I ask her to get ready to go. She's such a mimicker!
  • Spicy foods. She coughs and scratches her tongue but then asks Brian for more!
  • Lucielle. She can't hug or kiss her enough! Sometimes it's a bit too much for Lulu, but she means well.
  • Cleaning. She loves to pick up her toys, use baby wipes to clean, and throw things in the trash. 
  • Hugs and kisses. She could give and receive them all. day. long!
  • Bed-time. She often will lay in her bed for 45 mins before she will fall asleep but she won't get out of bed. I wonder what she thinks about? In the mornings, she usually doesn't make a peep and she will get up, grab a book, go back to bed and read quietly. It's wonderful! It gives me time to get Lulu up and fed before Viv.

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