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November 18, 2012

New Curtains!

I love our new apartment. I mean, we have more space, a new kitchen with a dishwasher (!) and a great view. I love the natural light and the large windows, but I hated the "apartment-ness" of the vertical blinds. It screamed rental. Plus, opening and closing the blinds each day was giving us rope burns on our hands because they were so heavy! So I was desperate to find a solution.

Our living room window is huge. So I knew that buying fabric to sew curtains would be rather expensive.  Then an idea hit me... SHOWER CURTAINS! I found two relatively cheap fabric shower curtains from target. I also got a pack of curtain clips from IKEA. And this is how I made our apartment a bit more homey.
 The before picture. Not too shabby, but kind of blah!
First step: gather your supplies. Shower curtain and curtain clips.
 Second step: stand on a chair and un-clip each individual vertical blind. Be careful not to snap the clip!
 Step 3: Give your baby something she doesn't think she's allowed to play with so that you can buy an extra ten minutes before nap time! Why are cardboard scraps more fun to play with than toys?
 Now that all your clips are empty, you can move on to the next step!
 The IKEA curtain clips come in two parts. An "s" shaped hook and a clip.
 Step 4: attach your curtain clips to the vertical blinds clip. I did every other.
 Step 5: Clip the clip to your curtain!
And voila! You now have cute and happy curtains! This is now officially my favorite place in our apartment! I can't wait for it to snow so I can sit here and sip coffee while watching the flakes fall. Ooooo and have my Christmas tree lit to my right. It's going to be a good Holiday season :)

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