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November 12, 2012

7 Months Old!

I am so in love with this little one! She brings so many smiles to my days :) I am in love with her baby blue eyes and her dimpled cheeks. Her sunny disposition and her social butterfly-ness. She's the best!

At 7 months, Vivienne loves:
  • Empty water bottles to play with - who needs toys when bottles are this fun?!?
  • Drinking cold water from our cups - she lurches her body forward to reach for them!
  • Sleeping on her tummy - she no longer sleeps any other way.
  • Blowing raspberries/bubbles
  • Learning the range of her voice - from loud screams to soft sighs; from highs to lows.
  • Independently sitting amongst her toys to play with her wooden train, maraca and stuffed animals.
  • Eating - she still loves her purees but is really getting into finger foods! She started eating puffs and has a 20% success rate in feeding herself. Other chunked food that she LOVES includes carrots and bananas. 
  • Scooting backwards - Vivi gets on all fours and pushes back with her hands thus scooting across the room backwards. Adorable, but frustrating when she's trying to get to a toy in front of her.
  • Standing - she either stands "on her own" while holding on to a chair or table, or on our laps while we hold her hips and she bounces like crazy.
  • Humming - while rocking her to sleep, I hum to Viv. She snuggles up close and hums along. It may kill me someday when she's "too big" to snuggle to sleep and hum with me!
Vivienne doesn't like:
  • Not getting her sleep/nap - She is getting better, but this kid gives us quite the cranky face if we ever wake her up before she's ready. 
  • Daylight savings - it has thrown her for quite the loop. She used to sleep from 8:30pm to 8:30am. It. Was. Awesome. I guess she's still getting used to the change, but she now sleeps from 9ish to 6:30am or 7:30am. 
  • Getting teeth - still in the process of growing/cutting her bottom teeth. 
  •  Eating pumpkin or spinach - not that I can blame her, but she was such a funny drama queen about it and made a hilarious gagging noise and crinkled her face. She'll eat both if we add them to banana. That's how much she loves banana!
  • Her first cold - not fun! She also shared it with Mommy & Papi! 
  • Puking - she got some sort of 24 hour bug that caused her to throw up 4 times in an hour. Not fun. Especially since we were at Aunt Stacey's house haha. 
  • Being away from Mommy all weekend - this was actually something Mommy didn't like haha. I got a bad stomach bug, so Brian took Viv up to Grandma's house so I could rest. Then the next day I shot a wedding so we were apart for over 24 hours! Viv did great and she and Grandma had a blast.  
This little one has grown quite a bit in the past seven months! We love her!

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