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October 13, 2012

Happy Half Birthday!

Vivienne is six months old! SO much has happened in the last month. We returned home from CA, packed up our apt and moved (three blocks away). Then began the unpacking and resettling of the new place. Easier said than done with a little one. And now Grammie is visiting all her grandbabies in MN. We are so thankful that she is able to travel and see us since it's hard to be so far apart.

At six months Vivienne loves:
  • sitting surrounded by her wooden blocks and train to play with eat.
  • sleeping. She loves naps and bedtime! Especially when she has Roxie, her stuffed raccoon to snuggle. We went through a week of waking up every 3-4 hours at night (ugh!). She started sleeping through the night at 10 days so that was rough and unexpected! Not sure what caused it, but she decided she wouldn't sleep anymore unless we put her on her stomach. Now she is back to sleeping 10-12 hours a night! Thank the Lord!
  • solid food! She started with avocado (which she LOVED) and every few days has tried something new. Everything has been a hit! She has tried peach, pear, banana, butternut squash, carrots, green beans, mango, and apple. It has been super fun to make all the different kinds of baby food. We still have pumpkin, blueberry, and spinach already made in the freezer for her to try. It's fun to cook for such an enthusiastic eater!
  • drinking water from our cups.
  • feeling the difference between hot and cold by touching the outside of our coffee mugs and our ice waters
  • being tickled every so softly. She lays completely still when we tickle her. 
  • meeting new people. She already seems to be an extrovert like her Papi.
Vivienne dislikes:
  • pooping. Solid food has made her constipated and while it's hilarious to watch her grunt, I feel bad at the same time because it's obvious how much she hates it.  She was having a really hard time pooping one day so I put her on the toilet and it REALLY helped. She went #1 and #2 in the big potty! 
  • being swaddled and sleeping on her back.
  •  when we take away a toy she is playing with. Our little girl has a temper. At least she is easy to distract.
See how much she has changed in the past six months! So crazy!

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