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October 25, 2012

Grammie's Autumn Visit

Grammie was just here! We had a blast! I am so thankful that Viv is able to spend time with my parents when they live so far away. Sometimes it's hard to not be able to pick up the phone and tell Grammie that Viv needs her to come right over for a snuggle. While that would be simple, it's kind of nice that when my parents come for a very its very concentrated time.  Grammie spent two weeks here. About a week with us and a week with my brother and his family.

I can't believe I didn't take more pictures of our time together. Grammie got a bunch on her camera. I suppose we didn't have many grand adventures to document due to a couple hiccups. We had the transmission in our "good" car go out which cost a lot of money to fix :( But it also gave us only one car and a hubs who needed to go to work. Once that was fixed we had some girls time while Papi worked. The last couple days that Grammie was here, Viv came down with her first cold/fever. Poor baby girl. She was so kind to share her germs with me and Papi as well. I'm sure we were a fun bunch to visit then haha.  Other than those un-fun things, we did these fun things: girls coffee dates, meeting with old friends, IKEA, MOA, Stillwater, daily runs in "our cornfield", walks in Silverwood Park (new fave!), and of course lots of snuggles under blankets with Vivi!

We were sad to see Grammie leave, but in all honesty her and I both agree that we have to get back to "reality" because we have so much to do before the holidays! Autumn is insanely busy for my photography and she is illustrating several books. Plus we are headed to CA for our first Thanksgiving with my family in YEARS! Nearly everyone from both my parents sides will be there and Vivienne will be meeting many for the first time! I'm excited for her to meet my Grandma Ruth (her middle namesake)!

As a photographer, I offer a baby's first year photo package. This includes maternity, birth, six months and one year photos. Since Viv is now six months, I figured it was time I did my own six month photos! Sometimes I forget to do "real" photo shoots with my good camera. Instagram is easy and always with me. I am so glad Grammie helped us. She is so good at making Vivienne smile and is a good "spotter" for my crazy ideas! Vivi is such a good sport haha.

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