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July 2, 2012

Without Vivie: Papi's Birthday and Wedding Photography

June 29th was Papi's 27th birthday! Vivienne and I had so much fun celebrating with him and thanking the Lord for his birth 27 years ago so that he could be a part of our lives! We sure love him dearly. We spent the day opening gifts and hanging out as a family. We rented a redbox movie and snuggled. Papi got the best Vivie sleepy snuggles... his favorite. That night, Auntie Stacey agreed to babysit little Viv while we went out on our first date without her since she's been born. As much as we love that kid, it was a great time to flirt, talk, hold hands and giggle without having to change any dirty diapers or worry about where to feed Viv in public. So fun! Brian had a coupon for a free steak dinner at Lindey's so we went there. To be honest, it was just ok. We both agreed that the steak AND the service were a bit "dry". But it was still good considering it was a free meal (for Brian) and you just can't go wrong with a handsome man sitting across from you at the table! We were going to go for a walk around the lake but it was a bazillion degrees out. So we decided instead to go to Cafe Latte for a glass of wine and to split a birthday cheesecake. We got strawberry rhubarb and it was divine! We tried not to talk about Viv too much since it was our date, but honestly... she's to cute to not talk about! We reminisced about the past 11 weeks and how our lives have dramatically changed for the better. We both love being parents!

Vivie did great with Aunt Stacey. She stayed at her house so all of Stacey's friends and roommates who were there enjoyed Viv too. Stacey had fun snuggling V, singing to her, feeding her bottles and reading from her little Bible. So sweet. Especially since Stacey will be in Pennsylvania for a month at a YWAM Worship training. We'll miss her!

The next day I shot my first wedding as a mommy. I have left Viv with Brian many times while I run errands or shoot engagement or family sessions. But the most we'd been apart was a couple hours. This wedding was going to divide us for TEN HOURS! I always say I have the best job ever and have the most amazing clients, and it's true! If they weren't awesome, there is no way I would say goodbye to the sweetest baby girl in the world for that long!

The morning of the wedding we went to the 2 year old birthday party for our friends twin boys. The invite stated to wear either John Deere apparel (it was a tractor theme party) or Twins apparel. Vivie took this opportunity to wear her tiny Twins jersey for the first time. It seemed especially appropriate since she was also spending all day with Papi who wore his Twins hat to match. She was so darn cute in her flower headband and Twins shirt. I also found those baby sunglasses in the $1 section at Target. So cheesy, but totally fun haha. I missed her like crazy during the wedding, but we both survived! And more importantly, Brian survived! He toted her all around town hanging out with friends. I'm so thankful to have a husband who is such a loving and capable father. It makes being his wife and mother to his kid so lovely! His one complaint from the day is that most public men's restrooms don't have a baby changing table. He was lucky to be enjoying lunch some friends so the wife, Sarah, was able to change Viv for him. He dodged a bullet, I'm sure haha.

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