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July 25, 2012

Bye Bye Cradle

Our little peanut isn't such a little peanut anymore! She will be 16 weeks old tomorrow?! We decided that last night was her last night sleeping in her cradle in our room. We decided this for a few reasons. First off, she hasn't had a middle of the night feeding since she was 10 days old so she doesn't need to be an arms length away. She usually sleeps until 7am, I feed her and she sleeps again until 9am. She also is a grunty, squirmy sleeper. So, even though she sleeps the whole night, she occasionally wakes me up. She also starts at one end of her cradle and by morning she has wiggled her way down to the other end with her feet resting on the edge. Silly baby needs more room to sprawl out. It's simply time for her to be in her big girl room in her crib. It's sad how fast these first few months have gone! But I'm so thankful for a happy, healthy, growing baby girl who is such a joy to mother!

Of course we had to document her last morning waking up in her cradle with photos. Me and my siblings also slept in this exact cradle as babies. It's become a family heirloom! Even though she only slept in her cradle for 3.5 months, I am glad that I took the time last October to make her cradle bedding. It makes me smile to think back to when I made it knowing that I had no idea who was in my belly, and now we have a precious baby girl! We love our little Viv!
 See what I mean about wiggling her way down to the end of the cradle?
 She gives us the BIGGEST smiles when we lean over her crib and say, "Good morning!"
 Then she has some wiggle time with lots of stretching after such a long sleep. In the last couple days she has become obsessed with her feet and is always grabbing her toes.

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