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July 12, 2012

3 months!

Wowzer have these past three months flown by! Viv is an adorable, happy little joy to hubs and me. She is so precious! Many times a day we look at each other and say, "She's SO CUTE!" We are blessed beyond compare!
At three months, Vivienne loves:

  • Smiling and talking to "Owly" - her owl stroller toy! We jokingly call him her best friend because Owly will without fail grab her attention and get the cutest coos and squeals out of Viv.
  • Sleeping! She still sleeps through the night (knock on wood). Consistently she is fast asleep from 10pm - 7am, but sometimes will add an extra hour or two! When she first wakes up we change her diaper and feed her and she falls asleep for another couple hours! She also takes three couple hour long naps during the day! If she gets woken up on "accident" she furrows her brow and glares til she falls back asleep. When she is fully rested and wakes up on her own, she smiles and coos at the first face she sees!
  • Bath time! She splashes and kicks in her nightly bath. She can be starving and beyond exhausted, but if we put her in water, she is happy as a fish! She's our little guppy!
  • Milk! Vivie loves to eat which seems surprising since she is still so skinny. I guess her food is continuing to help her get longer, not fatter. Mommy loves feeding Viv too.
  • Paci! She doesn't always want it, but when she is tired she loves it.
  • Snuggles! Viv loves to snuggle but is very particular about her position. She loves to have her head facing left against our chest or on our shoulder and her legs spread wide. She also wants her paci for snuggle time and her hand grabs a hold of Mommy's hair. Asleep or not, she will snuggle close and rest. I love it and am cherishing it because I know she may not always be a snuggler!
  • Driving! She is a happy kid in her car seat. Especially when she can look around. And EXTRA especially if her bff Owly is there with her!
  • Music! Specifically this album. We call if Vivie's CD. She can be put in her crib wide awake and if she is swaddled with her paci and her CD playing she will put herself to sleep. Wonderful! Plus we love how the songs tell her about Jesus without being cheesy Christian kids music.
  • Blowing Bubbles! Brian recently taught her how to stick out her tongue and blow bubbles. She can't always do it, but laughs when we do and she tries to really hard to mimic us. 
At three months, Vivienne does NOT like:
  • Being patient. Like most babies, Vivienne wants milk, sleep, paci, etc. right when she wants it and not a minute late. We have "family talks" when she gets upset to try to teach her that if we are able, we will always take care of her needs so she doesn't need to cry. Sometimes this works. Either way, we're starting early to teach her patience. 
  • Being hot. Viv is the sweatiest baby I've ever known! And she hates it! Her little mullet gets stringy and drippy and she wimpers.
  • Wet diapers... but who can blame her?
All in all, she is still a really sweet and easy kid! We keep joking that we either are meant to have a "gaggle" of kids because we make cute and easy babies, or just Viv because every other kid will seems like a terror! 


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