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May 12, 2012

1 month

Vivienne Ruth Johnson is one month old! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test and now here I am... about to celebrate my very first Mother's Day with my adorable one month and one day old daughter, Viv! My heart is bursting with joy! I guess it's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun. Who would've thought that recovering from a c-section and adjusting to motherhood would be this much fun? My mom and I have had a blast taking our "little buddy" to all sorts of cafes and shops all around the cities. Vivienne is going to go through coffee shop withdrawal as much as I will when my parents head home on Tuesday. It's been beyond a blessing to have them here! My heart is already breaking at the thought that they won't see her again for months. She's going to change so much! So each month on Vivienne's "monthly birthday", we will take photos of her with her "V" to see how much she's grown and changed!

At one month, Vivienne's favorite things are: nursing, sleeping, being tickled lightly, being swaddled tightly, any type of motion especially being bounced on Grandpa's knees, and bath time. She dislikes pee in her diaper, being "forced" to take her pacifier, getting out of the bath when bath time is over, hiccups, when mommy drink's caffeine, and waking up. She is such a sweet baby. She's been sleeping through the night (11pm - 6am) since she was ten days old! She's had a couple "off" nights, but for the most part, sleeps awesome. She rarely cries and when she gets upset it's easy to figure out the problem and console her. Only two times has she been so upset she was inconsolable for a bit and it was related to when I accidentally drank full caffeinated coffee. She loves to nurse and we've definitely figured out our rhythm so both of us love it. She loves her Papi's voice and will stare at him when he talks. She sleeps like her Mommy - out like a light, is not a morning person, and glares when you try to wake her. She eats like her Papi - gets really excited for meals and gets really fussy when they are late.

Vivienne, we love you so much! This month has been full of so many sweet memories and we look forward to months and years of more. You are a sweet blessing from the Lord!

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