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March 7, 2012

First Official Baby Shower!

A couple weeks ago some of my dear friends took me to Café Latte for dessert and we all chatted and they gifted us some baby essentials like wipes and diapers (so helpful!!!!). Last weekend Brian's mom and her best friends threw us our first official baby shower. We felt so loved by all who were able to come... and even those who couldn't but still sent gifts! Baby Bird has so many people who love him/her already. What a lucky kiddo! It was really for for Brian to be able to come to the shower with me. He came because there were a lot of family coming to the shower that he hasn't seen in a while, and he was feeling a bit protective of me traveling an hour north to Cambridge this late in labor. He really enjoyed himself and I think will be a little sad to not be at my other showers haha.

The theme of the shower was "Baby Bird" and it was all yellow and grey colors... just like the nursery! There were prizes for those who wore yellow and grey colors. Brian and I both got an adorable boutineer and corsage handmade by Grandma Dina's best friend, Rayla. The flowers are made from baby socks! So creative! Everyone had name tags that were placed inside tiny home made felt diapers to be pinned to your shirt. The food was so tasty! Especially the spinach & artichoke dip made by Auntie Dani. Yum! And the cake was amazing! It was decorated to match the invitations perfectly! We played bingo as we opened the gifts so everyone was involved. It's amazing how much stuff a newborn "needs". We got some really wonderful gifts and now feel like Baby Bird could come early and we'd actually be prepared! Which is a much better feeling than how "worried" we were about preterm labor a couple weeks ago. A big THANK YOU to all who were a part of making that day so special for us! We are lucky to be loved so well by friends and family!
 (L) Baby sock corsage. (R) Cute yellow & grey decor
 (L) Just when we thought we had the baby room all cleaned and put together, we get PRESENTS! Now to figure out what to do with it all! (R) All our gender neutral clothes- I hope baby looks good in yellow and green cus that's all he/she will be wearing for a while haha.

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