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March 16, 2012

36 weeks

This week has been AMAZING! The weather is far better than I ever expected it to ever be in March. It has been in the 60s-70s and so deliciously sunny. I sort of wondered if we would be battling late winter blizzards at the end of my pregnancy. I certainly didn't expect to be buying maternity shorts at Goodwill! I have been having "hot flashes" lately. Partially because we can't control the temperature in our apartment as it is radiant heat controlled by the building manager. And partially because of carrying a giant hot water bottle strapped to my belly. Brian loves (sarcasm) when I whip off my sweatshirt and fling open the windows in desperation only to cover back up with a blanket minutes later. So when I saw the forecast would be record high temps 30 deg above average for this time of year, I knew shorts would be essential! We took our 36 week photos when it was 81 deg outside! Big difference to last weeks photos in the snow! Oh, Minnesota.

We also had a baby doc appt this week. In fact, they will be weekly from now until baby comes. Baby is still measuring big (surprise, surprise), but he/she seems to be slowing down a bit and was only measuring two weeks ahead. The doc felt my belly and has estimated that baby is approximately 7 lbs. Which, according to this chart, is a couple weeks ahead as well. So in theory, if baby is indeed 7 lbs already and growing .5 lbs a week, then Baby Bird could weigh 9 lbs at 40 weeks.

I am also officially off bed rest and medication! Yay! Sooooo excited to no longer be setting an alarm for 3am to take a pill! There are several pills that have dropped under the bed because of my less than nimble sleepy 3 am fingers. Based on my internal exam, the baby doc also doesn't think that there is any reason to think baby will come early (although anything is possible) as I have had no cervical change in the past several weeks. So bring on the pineapple, long walks, spicy foods and anything else that will possibly get this baby ready to come say "hi". Brian and I have been especially impatient to meet Baby Bird because our good friends had their son Isaac this week. We're just so excited for them, and also totally jealous haha.

People have started the "oh you're huge!", "you're about to pop" and "any day now" jokes. Which are totally understandable and expected from friends and family. In fact, every time Stacey see's me, her first reaction is "Oh. My. Gosh! I didn't think it could get any bigger!" haha. But when you hear them from strangers at gas stations or old men in the grocery store, you start to feel more like a giant freak than a cute preggo. It also doesn't help that people stare at my belly and give me "pitied" glances as I walk waddle by. On the other hand, I am 100% positive that I have been on the other side of this looking at cute pregnant women with curiosity and concern wondering if their water will truly break in front of me. (I did have a nightmare this week that my waters broke when I was at Target and I had the baby on the floor of the Target women's bathroom because I couldn't get a hold of Brian and labor progressed that fast!). So my response to the good natured comments and questions is to lie slightly by agreeing that it really could be "any day now". Partially because I really hope that's true- we'd LOVE to meet our baby! And partially because if I were to say I still had over 3 weeks left, I would hear again how big my belly is and how I'll "never make it". And as a first time mom, I don't really want to even acknowledge the possibility that I will go past 40 weeks, although I know statistically it's more likely! Ugh! In any case, me, Brian and Baby Bird all have our bags packed for the hospital. The last load of baby's tiny clothes are in the laundry ready to be put away  for Baby Bird to wear. After my baby shower tomorrow, I'd say we're pretty much just waiting on my Mom to get here and then Baby Bird can make an appearance!

It's not too late to guess when Baby Bird will be born and if it will be Crosby or Vivienne! Click here to submit your votes. Winner will receive a Starbucks gift card!
 (L) Baby Bird has been LOVING Indian food this week! It all began when we went to India Palace for lunch on Sunday. Then I made Coconut Curry for dinner on Tuesday and we had the left overs for lunch on Wednesday. SO GOOD! I'm salivating just writing this. (R) Another crib sheet that I painted for Baby Bird.
(L) Yummy fresh blueberry muffins and tea made for a great and peaceful morning reading my Bible. Treasuring the simple quiet moments while I have them. (R) Sunshine! Shorts! Smoothie! and a good Book! Best. Day. Ever!

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