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March 2, 2012

34 weeks

We've hit march! Baby Bird could be born this month, if he/she decides to really come early! If not, we're still only a month and a few days away! Wow! I have gotten to ease off bed rest this week. I am still supposed to take it somewhat easy and I can totally tell when my body is telling me to chill... I get a lot more contractions when I'm up and about. But I have LOVED being able to do some short trips to Target for groceries and Joann Fabric for some crafting supplies. I have especially loved being able to do some cooking. No offense to hubs, he did the best he could, but I couldn't stand another frozen pizza, canned stew or Chipotle run. I'm glad to be back in charge of making tasty balanced meals! 

People keep asking me if I have had any dreams about if Baby Bird is a boy or a girl. I hadn't really until this week. And those dreams have been so vivid! I dreamed about a hazy summer morning with the light pouring through the windows. We were all sitting at the table and in a little red high chair was a curly blond-haired little boy in only a diaper laughing and eating pancakes. He smelled deliciously like maple syrup. He laughed and laughed and had his Papi's deep one-cheeked dimple. When I woke up, I was sure that Crosby is living in my tummy. A few nights later I dreamed about a snuggling on the couch for family movie night. The snow was falling outside and laying sweetly against my chest was a sleeping brown-haired girl. She was so warm and still and I could feel her breath against my neck. When I woke up, I was sure that Vivienne is living in my tummy. So to answer all those dream questions: Yes, I have had quite vivid dreams about who is in here... unfortunately, even in my dreams, I have no idea who it is!

For the most part I am still really enjoying pregnancy. I love having my little buddy squirming around in my belly. I already know that I will miss that feeling immensely when he/she is born. But there are some things that simply make me want Baby Bird out! Being able to sleep on my stomach... without waking up 3-4 times to pee ! Being able to walk, not waddle. Being able to put on whatever shoes I want to wear. Not having sausage fingers and toes. Not having to weigh the pros and cons of whether or not it's worth it to pick something up off the ground that my clumsy preggo self dropped. Being able to get up from sitting or laying without groaning. Not having to set an alarm for 3am to remind me to take my contraction meds. Not eating TUMS like candy after every meal. Not bumping into EVERYTHING with the baby bump... that must be why it's called that! Not having the general aches and pains in my back, hips and pelvis. But all in all, these are silly things to complain about when life is being knit together in my womb! What an amazing things our God can do! So excited to meet you, Baby Bird!

 Some little onesies that I made for Baby Bird
 (L) Bachmann's cafe is my winter happy place! Sunshine, fresh air, plants and a fun atmosphere! (R) Brian and I went here for a "baby date" to talk about our birth plan and what we are excited for when it comes to Baby Bird!
 (L) Hubs and his powdered sugar goatee from the oh so delicious Almond Croissants. (R) Some burp clothes I sewed from cheap IKEA wash cloths and flannel.
 (L) Brian has been reading "The Hobbit" out loud to me and baby. Baby Bird squirms like crazy the whole time he reads. I think he/she likes Papi's voice! It melts my heart! (R) Some tiny yellow booties I whipped up the other day with some left over fleece. I hope the fit Baby Bird, but I have no idea since I didn't use a pattern. 

Here is a video of Baby Bird doing what he/she does best... SQUIRMING! 

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