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January 9, 2012

Our Christmas - 2011

A post on Christmas seems a bit overdue considering that we're nearly mid way through January, but I didn't want to forget these special memories. We were in California for Christmas. It was the only time my Dad will get to see my baby bump! Next time we see him, we'll have a new grandbaby for him to hold! Wow! Christmas Day was characterized by yummy food, playing games, and hanging out with family. Exactly what Christmas should be.
The yummy breakfast wreath we found on Pinterest.
We played Ticket to Ride a few times while we were down there, but we actually ALL got dad a new game for Christmas! So we played two new versions of settlers AND an "It's a Wonderful Life" trivia game.
The whole family together. Brian, Me, Mommy, Daddy, Stacey and Aunt Vicki.
Daddy always read the Christmas story to the grandkids each Christmas. Because Eliot and Olivier weren't there, he read to Baby Bird. It was really sweet.
And of course, here are a few photos from our trip to Disneyland. I didn't want to lug my nice camera around all day because I knew I'd get tired enough lugging around a kid in my stomach. So here are a few pics from Mommy's camera.
Everyone else thought it would be so funny to leave me in a row on the tram by myself as a way to poke fun at how much room me and the baby bump take up.
They think they are soooooo funny!
Our friend who works at Disneyland got us this button. All day, employees cast members were congratulating us.
On the jungle cruise.
Waiting for everyone else to ride Indiana Jones. Mommy waiting at the exit with me because Baby Bird and I couldn't be shaken up that much by riding along with everyone else. Thanks Mommy!

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