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October 6, 2011

13 weeks

As I near the end of the first trimester, I am realizing that it's true what women have been saying, this IS going by even faster than I thought! How are we already done with 1/3 of the pregnancy? Wow! My guess is that it's about to speed up even more with the holidays approaching and the rumored fantastic second trimester. I've heard it called "the honeymoon season" of pregnancy. I'm praying that's true. Not that my first trimester was particularly rough. Especially in comparison to  my dear friend, Katie. But it will be wonderful to feel more like ME again. I'll gladly leave this utter exhaustion and nausea behind! No more chewing on ginger root and daily three hour naps! No more gagging while brushing my teeth! No more getting excited at the thought of eating chicken and the feeling absolutely disgusted by it once it's on my plate! No more planning on cooking but then telling Brian he can just eat a Ramen Noodles because I can't get out of bed! Hopefully these are or will be things of the past soon!

Now that Baby Bird is public knowledge, I am loving the questions I get asked. People keep asking if we know what we are having yet. I'm barely showing at all! That means this kid's parts probably aren't showing yet either, haha. We've also been asked if this was planned by several people. This cracks me up. Baby Bird wasn't a surprise. We were a little surprised by how quickly the kid set up camp in my uterus, but even still, it was planned. If Baby Bird were a surprise, I'd probably feel so sad and irresponsible every time someone asked that. Oh silly questions. I've heard from other preggo friends that the questions they get asked are often hilarious or offensive. Guess that comes with the territory. Since I'm barely showing and more in that "chub-chub" phase, I am looking forward to a stranger asking me when I'm due. That's like my secret cue that I actually look like I'm having a baby and not that I've drank too many  Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks (mmmmm...).

Cravings: Still red meat. Steak in particular. We ended up getting a mini Webber grill from Target the other week. The tiny kind that almost looks like it's a toy. It's perfect for a few steaks and some veggies wrapped in tin foil. Plus the weather has been PERFECT for grilling this week! We've already had steak once and I'm already craving a second! I've been told I could be craving red meat because of the iron. So when I want it bad, I'm totally going to use it as leverage for the Baby needing Iron! I am also not at all interested in Chocolate or any sugary things in fact. This is also weird.

As I said before, I'm in the chub-chub stage. This means that I don't look pregnant, but I don't look normal. This also means that I can't wear maternity clothes, but my normal clothes don't fit either. I've been keeping my eyes open at Goodwill for some maternity clothes as I'm sure I'll need them soon. I've picked up a few things. But I've pretty much been living in yoga pants, or dresses and leggings. My mom is coming this week for a few weeks and I'm so SOOOO excited to hang out with her! I'm sure we will do lots of coffee dates and shopping for me and Baby Bird! Since my parents moved to CA, they will only see preggo me twice before the baby comes. So I'm pretty much willing this bump to pop while she's here.

And I think that's that for this week. See ya in my second trimester!

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