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September 22, 2016

Edith 10 months

As we inch closer and closer to Edith's first birthday, all I can think is, "Didn't I like JUST give birth?!" It seems like every day Edie is learning a new trick or skill and I am thrilled. But I seriously love the baby stage. Like I LOVE it! All I ever wanted to be was a Mommy. Not many people know what it's like to realize their childhood dreams. And I have! That's something I need to remember when I'm wiping tiny tooshies, sweeping up a million cheerios, and searching the house for the lost purple sock because no other socks will do. I am living the dream, folks!

Edith continues to be a wonderfully baby. She is super easy going, but she recently discovered she can have an opinion on things. That opinion is mostly expressed in grunts of disgust or squeals of delight. It's so fun to watch her explore and interact with her world more.

At 10 months, Edith:
  • loves loves LOVES food. The only things she doesn't like is pureed carrots. But give her finger foods (steamed carrots included) and she will eat and eat and eat. She literally had the same about of breakfast as I did this morning. He favorite can't get enough foods are: eggs, Chipotle, Cheerios, chicken, cheese, peaches, applesauce, and yogurt.
  • is talking! A couple weeks ago she said, "Mama". Neither of the other two said Mama first, so guess who is my favorite child ;) She says it every time she sees me or wants me. The girls are tickled that she is talking! Because of her love of food, it's no surprise that her second word was "mo" for more. She basically chants more from the second she swallows until her next bite. And again, because of her love of food, her third word is "ne ne" for nursing. When I get her from sleeping, she first says "mama mama mama" until I pick her up. Then she dive bombs me chanting "ne ne" for nursing haha. The last word that she knows is "ba" for ball. It's looking like we have added a third social extroverted talker to the family!
  • went through a bit of a 9 month sleep regression and was waking 2-3 times a night. No fun! But the past couple nights, she seems to be back to normal and is sleeping from 8:30-8:30 with one wake up around 6. Not half bad! She is also pretty consistent with a 10 am nap and a 2 pm nap. Sometimes she needs a mini snuggle nap around 5 or 6 and it's snuggly delicious!
  • loves her squirrelly and blankey for snuggles and naps.
  • is crawling. She does a tummy scoot army crawl, but she's getting quite fast! She is also starting to pull herself up and loves to stand holding one hand or leaning on furniture.
  • loves other babies. She loves to kiss them. Especially if it's herself in the hallway mirror.
  • wears size 12-18 months.
  • has the prettiest blue eyes (where did they come from?)
  • adores her big sisters! Lulu can make her laugh the biggest, Vivi loves to hold and carry her.  

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