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June 20, 2016

Edith Clementine: 7 months

Edith is 7 months old! Each day with her is a treat! She is really starting to interact and play with us. And her sisters are her delight. When they play with her, she make the most joyful sounds and flaps her "wings". It's the cutest thing ever! I love sisters!
At 7 months, Edith:
  • has two teeth. Her bottom teeth broke through a day apart. It was nice that they came in as a pair, but whoa was that a rough couple days.
  • is becoming a skilled sitter. Yay! We aren't quite to the set her down and let her sit and play stage, but she's making progress.
  • is a tummy sleeper. She rolls over, hugs Squirrelly, and spreads out in her crib. She takes 2-3 naps and sleeps 11 hours a night. She's a delight!
  • loves eating. Nursing is still her favorite, but pureed baby food is a hit! So far she's a fan of almost everything. Meat, however, she doesn't like. Can't blame her haha. Sweet Potato and Pear are her favorites. She moans after each bite half in pleasure and half in protest that we aren't feeding her quick enough. She is getting better at knowing how to eat off a spoon, but she would prefer to suck her meals right out of a baby food pouch haha. 
  • loves LOVES her Johnny Jump Up. She literally jumps herself to exhaustion. It's like a baby workout haha. 
  • still can't roll from tummy to back. 
  • is grabbing for the things that she wants. Which includes hair, necklaces, earrings, food, and her sisters' clothes.
  • Squirrelly is her favorite toy.
  • loves to swim and take a bath. 
  • gives slobbery wet open mouthed kisses.
  • wears size 12 or 12-18 month clothes. Chunky Monkey :)

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