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April 19, 2016

Edith: 5 months

The months a flying by! Our sweet girl is 5 months old today! She is our chubby thighed, squishy bellied, fuzzy headed delight! I know I'm a broken record, but she really is the best baby ever. I spent several minutes being a giant dork in front of her to get a smile, but nada! So I called in the big guns. Papa walked in the room and THE SECOND she locks eyes on him she flashed this gummy smile! I think we have a major Papa's girl on our hands.
  • She has a sweet and patient temperament. I feel like I can count the number of times she has actually cried. She normally just moans until we take care of her needs haha. 
  • She is a fantastic sleeper. She sleeps from 8pm-8am almost every night. She also takes three fairly regular naps: 9:30-11am, 1-4pm, and 6-7pm. 
  • She loves her voice. She loves to scream and squeal and sing. I think she's another extrovert and wants to be heard above the chaos of her sisters haha.
  • She wears size 9-12 months clothes.
  • We call her Ediebelle because she has the bluest eyes like Bluebelle's.
  • She laughs after she toots.
  • She has discovered her love for her toes and she is constantly holding them.
  • She has rolled over back to belly once and hasn't figured out how she did it since haha. 
  • Both Vivi and Lulu were sitting up by the day they turned 5 months old.... Edith isn't even close haha. 
  • She FINALLY has taken a bottle! Yay! She may be a Papa's girl when it comes to smiles, but she only wants Mama when it comes to milk.
  • Next week she will take her first flight to California! She will start tasting solid food when we get home. So big! 
  • She is constantly delighted by her sisters and loves to watch them. She specifically loves when Vivi makes up songs to sing to her. 
  • She is the talk of the neighborhood and all the kids on our street come play in our yard when Edith is out and they take turns holding her.

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