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February 19, 2016

Edith- 3 months

 Edie is 3 months old today. Time is flying! Much to the delight of the big girls, Edith is getting so much more interactive. She will smile and coo and them and Vivi jumps in joy. Edie has a squeaky laugh... like those squeaky squeeze toys haha. She continues to amaze us with her easy going attitude and flexibility. We hit the jackpot with this sweet girl!

A bit about 3 month old Edith:
  • She loves sleeping. She still can barely stand to be awake longer than an hour. She sleeps 9pm-5am when she nurses and then sleeps again until 8am. She takes a morning nap for 3 hours, an afternoon nap for 3-4 hours, and a third mini nap for an hour. The big girls didn't develop this natural schedule until they were at least 6 months. The nice thing is that she isn't tied to her schedule yet. So we can run errands in the morning and she will nap in her wrap or carseat but if she wakes up, we can easily "reset" her schedule with her next eat/play/sleep cycle. She also is learning to put herself to sleep. If we put her down before she's over stimulated, then she will just close her eyes and fall asleep. I know. I said we hit the jackpot!
  • She nurses on demand, but that usually ends up being every 3-4 hours. She isn't a fan of the bottle. She kind of gnaws at it for a while and then gets upset. But I have started shooting weddings and sessions so it's important that she learns! My first wedding was last weekend, and she drank 2 bottles before going on strike until I came home. She wasn't super fussy or mad... just waited for me haha. 
  • She loves Squirrelly. She loves the softness and it's skinny arms are perfect for grabbing.
  • She has started grabbing toys... when we put them in her hand haha. She likes her IKEA baby gym and her hanging pink car seat owl. She likes to coo and talk to the hanging toys.
  • She just started blowing raspberries. Like yesterday haha. Now the front of all her shirts are wet, but at least it's adorable!
  • She has a love/hate relationship with her fist. She is constantly putting her hand in her mouth, but then gets a mad/confused look on her face like "what is this doing her?!" She won't suck on a paci or our finger so I'm starting to wonder if she will be a thumb of finger sucker. What age do they start doing this?
  • She is starting to move in her sleep. We put her down wrapped in a blanket and we find her sideways on the other end of the crib! Just from wiggling and pushing with her legs. 
  • She loves to stand, holds her head up steady, and even sat on her own (while I spotted her) for 5 seconds! Come on! Slow down, little girl! I think she's determined to keep up with the big girls.
  • Vivi LOVES Edie. She wants to hold her first thing each morning. Lulu is a little more hesitant and starting to be a bit jealous. Sometimes she doesn't want me to nurse her unless she is distracted playing with Viv. I'm glad they have each other!

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