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January 19, 2016

Edith: 2 months

And just like that, another month has flown by! Edith continues to be the sweetest and easiest baby. We would easily have 12 little girls if they were all guaranteed her easy going temperament. We have joked that we need to put a bell on her so we know she's around or we'd forget we even have a third kid... and now we call her Edie-belle haha.

This month held a lot of firsts for our sweet girl: first Christmas, first New Year, first diaper explosion, first coo's and first smile's. Her favorite things include: sleeping on her tummy or tightly swaddled, white noise, nursing, having her little butt patted in a rhythmic pattern of three pats haha, grabbing a handful of mommy's hair or shirt, sucking on her entire fist, staring at windows and ceiling lights, baths, and her newest favorite is her stuffed squirrel named Squirrelly (original, I know haha). Her least favorite things include: bottles, pacifiers (much to Lulu's dismay- little mama always want to put it in her mouth), being gassy, being awake more than an hour.

Edith is putting herself on a schedule much earlier than Vivi and Lulu did. She sleeps nearly every night from 10pm to 6 or 7am, then she nurses and sleeps again until 8-8:30am when the big sissies wake her up. She is down for her first nap (on her tummy while snuggling Squirrelly) by 9:30 and naps a few hours. She wakes, nurses, plays and naps again around 1pm which is the same time as the big girls (Praise the Lord!) She wakes, nurses, plays and naps again two more times before the day is done. Ahhhh the rough life of a baby haha. Her gas issues have been resolving and she is now a fairly proficient farter which of course provides a lot of entertainment for her oh so mature big sisters.

Edith isn't all that interested in interacting with us too much yet. Viv and Lulu are dying for her to talk, laugh and play with them. Viv asks often when she will start crawling. I hope she's like Lulu and has no interest in moving until 13 months haha. Edie doesn't even really give much eye contact and prefers to look at lights and windows instead. BUT yesterday and today she finally gave us some intentional smiles. Smiles in response to tickling her ribs and because of my super ridiculous noise making skills haha. It's only a matter of time before our two big dramatic actresses/comedians discover they have a willing audience and put on shows for little Edith.

She has her 2 month appointment tomorrow, so we will see how big and tall she's gotten! This is the outfit we brought her home in from the hospital. I'm in denial that she's gone from rolling up the sleeves and legs to shoving her in it for one last photo! It's a sweetly sad thing to pack up too small baby clothes and move up in size. Edith currently wears 3-6 or 6 month clothes!

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