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December 20, 2015

Edith: 1 month

Our sweet Edith is ONE month old! It has gone by so quickly and yet we can't imagine life without her! Sure we are now outnumbered by kids. And hubs is vastly outnumbered by estrogen. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Getting to know Edie has been a pleasure. Brian and I sure enjoyed our "vacation" in the hospital for three days of uninterrupted newborn snuggles. We loved when family and the big girls came for a visit, but we really cherished the time to get to know our new babe. From the beginning, she has been a girl with a sweet temperament. In the month that we have been blessed to parent her, she has been a fantastic baby- easy to feed, quick to be comforted, and cozy to cuddle. She may be our easiest baby yet. She picked up on nursing immediately and has nursed every 2-3 hours ever since without any problems. Edie lost about 10% of her body weight in the hospital which was almost a pound. It took over two weeks to gain that weight back, but at her 2.5 week weigh in she was 10lbs 3oz. My guess is that she's nearly 11.5-12 lbs now and starting to get a proper double chin and rolly thighs. 

During the day, she has been a great sleeper. Almost too good! She had her days and night mixed up a bit in the beginning and enjoyed sleeping on the chest of whoever was holding her. This made her wide awake until midnight most nights. From her first week, she would sleep on average a 5-7 hour stretch at night so I couldn't really complain. This has changed some recently and each night is different and unpredictable now. Around week 3, she started developing bad gas at night that she has a hard time passing. This means that some nights she will be up until 2am trying to toot, then I help her, then she needs a diaper change and to nurse again, which only causes more gas starting the cycle all over again. Needless to say, I am fairly sleep deprived these days and the nights that she doesn't have gas are such a welcomed blessing! Here's praying her digestive system matures and she learns to toot on her own so I can get more sleep! We are in the experimental phase of sleep training (in the loosest sense of the term) and are trying to see if we can determine her preferences on swaddle, paci, white noise, and stuffed animal. So far it seems she doesn't care if she is swaddled or not (she doesn't have a startle reflex that jumps her awake). Edith isn't a big fan of a pacifier, but I am determined she take one because she is a third child and I simply can't be three places at once. Plus, Lulu's favorite thing is to put a paci in a baby's mouth, so I know she'd love Edie to take one haha. She does seem to like her Squirrelly stuffed animal already and enjoys hugging him as she sleeps. She also really likes white noise.

We have loved watching Vivienne and Lucielle become big sisters. They have adjusted quite well and are stepping up to the challenge. Vivi loves to hold the baby and help out in any way she can: including singing made up songs about princesses, unicorns and carousels. Lulu is quick to grab Edie’s stuffed Squirrelly and paci whenever she cries and loves to pat her head gently during diaper changes. Lulu has also nicknamed Edith, “Edie Cutie Pie”.

All in all, we are just tickled to be new parents again for the third time. We are over the moon in love with our Edith Clementine!
Haha 80% of her photos are still cross eyed which sets the big girls off in roars of laughter at Edith's silly faces.

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