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February 9, 2015

18 months

Our little Lulubean is a year and a half old! We just love her to pieces. She really is living up to her names meaning and "lights" up our family. 

At 18 months:
  • Lucielle can smile her way out of almost anything... which makes disciplining her adorably hard. Also, the second she is disciplined, she gets these giant weepy tears that fling from her eyes.
  • Big sissy Vivi is Lulu's best friend and listening to them play and giggle makes me insanely happy. They do fight and yell "no" often at each other, but really get along well and I pray they will always be best friends.
  • She is learning new words everyday. The one's we hear most often are pretty much food related haha "please, bite, more, water, mine, and thank you" although she is starting to put together phrases like "where are you, love you, and no thank you"
  • Foxie is her favorite toy. Blankey is the best for snuggles. And with both of those, she sleeps 12-13 hours a night, and takes a 3 hour afternoon nap. 
  • When getting her shots she cried and cried and said "no thank you!" haha. Pathetically polite.
  • She loves books.
  • She loves to play dress up in princess dresses, carry a purse or backpack, and/or play hide and seek.
  • She is giving out hugs and kisses more freely.
  • She has a very excited dance whenever Papa gets home from work.
  • She likes to look at pictures and videos of herself. 
  • She couldn't get more excited about seeing puppies but when she gets a chance to get close to one, she is terrified haha.
  • She loves babies and points them out whenever we see one. She does NOT like when Mommy holds a baby. 
  • She LOVES to go outside and asks to everyday. She stands at the window and says "outside. snow. jacket. birds. play!"
  • She likes to point out "dots" when she wears polkadots.
  • She's a climber and pushes chairs and stools over to use to climb on the kitchen counters or on her dresser in her room. Uh oh!
  • She is starting to feed herself with a fork/spoon, but would rather I feed her because it's faster. 
  • Her favorite foods are: eggs, yogurt, banana, bagels, olives, pickles, berries and cheese. If she doesn't like something, she will spit it out and say "yuck!"
  • She tells us after she has gone "poopy" and says "ick" haha. Maybe potty training will be easy? Let's hope so!
  • She has all of her teeth minus her 2 year old molars. 
  • She loves to smell things: particularly candles, scratch n sniff stickers, and essential oils.
  • She is our precious gift that we love so dearly!

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