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July 7, 2014

11 months!

I don't know what happened these past few weeks but Lucielle is growing leaps and bounds! It could be that June was a rough months for our family health wise so maybe now that we're coming out of it she seems even more extra grown up! Lulu had a double ear and sinus infection, got a nasty cough, cut her top two teeth and one bottom, and touched a HOT waffle iron causing a big blister! Viv cut three molars, also got a nasty cough, dislocated her elbow, touched a HOT grill and had a few random days of a high fever. I got a UTI, ear infection and a bad stomach flu. Brian got the same stomach flu. As I said, June was rough! Here's hoping for a healthy, happy July! In spite of all of that, here are the fun things Lulu is up to these days:
  • Lu is obsessed with standing. She always wants to pull up on my hands and stand and hesitantly walk around. She's getting pretty good at standing while holding on to chairs or the coffee table. She can't pull herself up yet, but it's only a matter of time. 
  • Lulu loves jumping and dancing. When she's really excited she bounces like crazy. She will do it on command when we say, "jump, jump, jump!" or "dance, dance!"
  • Lucielle has 5 teeth... two on top and three on bottom.
  • Lulu had her first bottle of formula while I was out shooting a wedding. She'd rather have milk or solid food, but she did ok.
  • Lulu's favorite food is applesauce by far! A tie for second goes to blueberries and yogurt.
  • Peek-a-boo is her favorite after nap activity. Vivienne climbs into her crib and they play peek-a-boo and giggle and wrestle.
  • She is starting wave and say, "iiii" if we initiate.
  • She will say "mo mo mo" for more. Usually, it's more of a yell, "Moooooo!!!!" The kid loves to eat.
  • Lulu is really good at blowing kisses and giving kisses. She kisses her Foxie and baby-doll or us when we ask.... and we ask a lot because it's so stinking cute!
  • Lucielle has become a good sleeper! Finally! She's obsessed with Foxie and won't sleep unless Foxie is in her arms and now that she's more comfortable rolling around she can get him easier in the middle of the night. So she normally sleeps from 7:30p until 6am, has a little bit of milk and sleeps again until 8am. She takes a 2 hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap. 
  • Lulu still HATES tummy time. She is really good at rolling around. I'm starting to wonder if she will skip crawling and just go from steamrolling to standing to walking?
  • Lucielle is a water baby. She can't get enough of splashing in the tub or at the pool. 
  • She is still very much a Mama's girl, but her sense of "stranger danger" is lessening and she is actually letting people hold her and talk to her! Yay! I love her to pieces, but it's not easy being the sole person that a baby likes! Glad that stage seems to be over :)
  • I'm sad to report that her little chubby rolls are disappearing all too fast! It's devastating! Her cheeks, however, seem to be here for the long haul. Yay!
  • Lulu is wearing mostly 18-24 month sized clothes and there are several outfits that the girls can share! 
  • Clapping and "so big" are still her favorite and most reliable tricks to show off. Although blowing kisses and clicking her tongue aren't far behind.
  • Viv still makes her giggle the most. Especially while the girls and Papa play "hiding in Papa's bed!" and they wrestle and play peek-a-boo. The best sounds come from our room when they play!
 Clapping and laughing
Blowing kisses to big sissy :)

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