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June 12, 2014

10 Months old

Little Miss Lucielle has entered her double digits! 10 months old! Her little personality is growing by leaps and bounds. She is smiley, snugly, and oh so sweet. She still has no interest in crawling, in fact in makes her MAD when we try to help her, but she is getting more "mobile" by rolling and twisting and contorting her body in all sorts of flexible ways. She is able to balance on her knees and stand holding on to the coffee table to sofa for a little bit. I can't believe how big she's getting! At 10 months, Lucielle:
  • LOVES her Foxie. She hugs him to her face and snuggles him all night long. It makes naps/bedtime the easiest! She simply lays down with him and falls asleep instantly!
  • Staying asleep isn't always the easiest for her. She has a few weeks of sleeping 12+ hours a night but then she got sick and cut two teeth. We are working on getting back to those glorious 12 hours a night again!
  • After a few days of a high (103+) fever, Lu visited the Doctor for her first sickie baby appointment. She had a double ear and sinus infection (no fun!).
  • Lulu loves to sit amongst her toys and play. Books are her favorite. A close second would be anything that makes noise or she can put in her mouth haha.
  • Lu thinks it's funny to grunt or scream and then have us or Viv repeat the noise she makes. 
  • She LOVES peek-a-boo. Especially just after her naps when Viv climbs into her crib and they play peek-a-boo together.
  •  Lucielle seems to be somewhat introverted. She isn't a big fan of "strangers" and that can be annoying and hard at times. When she is really cranky and sensitive, Mommy is the only person she wants. Which makes it hard when friends and family want to love on our little girl and she cries and screams. Hopefully this is just a stage she will outgrow... soon.
  • Lulu's favorite food by far is applesauce. She kicks and squeals like crazy every time she sees the applesauce pouch come out of the fridge. She also loves blueberries, chicken, and cheese.
  • Lulu loves to play "Sooooo big", clap her hands, and play patty cake.
  • Lulu can occasionally sign milk, more and please.
  • She loves being outside and playing with grass.
  • She makes the most hilarious faces and is always sticking her tongue out.
  • We love her to pieces!!!!!
     "Soooo big!"

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