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January 15, 2014

21 Months!

My big girl is inching her way toward finishing up her second year! It is just flying by! Viv makes us laugh more often than not. Her sweet hugs and kisses make us swoon. Her funny phrases make us giggle. She is our little sunshine!

To celebrate turning "21 months"  we took her sledding for the first time. She really liked it... until the bottom of the hill which blew snow all up on them. So funny (to the warm dry Mommy watching and taking photos haha). Vivienne was most interested in sitting in the snow and eating it. No surprise there since ice is her favorite food.

Viv is growing up and surprising us each day! She can (usually) count to 8. She talks constantly. Is really enjoying doing crafts and artwork. She is possibly left handed as she usually colors and eat with that hand? She is starting to potty train herself. She tells us when she has to go and we put her on the potty. Time to get serious about it and help her learn. I would LOVE to not change her diapers anymore! She is very sweet and affectionate to Lulu. Lots of hugs and kisses. She also likes to give Lu toys and say "Here you go, Lulu." She likes to show Lulu things, "Look at this, Lulu!" Now that they share a room, Viv loves to say good morning to her. Viv is also still quite obsessed with Princesses, Castles, and anything Disney. She is a BIG fan of all the Pixar movies she has seen. Curious George is her favorite show. Puzzles are becoming her favorite game. She loves accessories: hats, boots, scarves, jewelry, and purses. A very sweet girlie girl. We love her to pieces and can't get enough of her funny antics. We are entering the strong willed age associated with being a 2 year old. We pray that the Lord will work through our parenting and that the Lord will soften her heart and draw her close to him.
 The wind blew snow on her haha.

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