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November 23, 2013

Lucielle Update

People keep asking for a Lulu update since the accident. She is great! She is seeming like her normal self. She is learning new "tricks", smiling often and getting really chatty. She is also big and strong for her age. She is starting to sit a bit and loves to stand with help. Honestly, if I didn't have the lingering memories of that horrible morning, I would say it never happened! The Lord is so good! We had a follow-up with her Pediatrician who basically confirmed what we had been seeing. She is doing well and acting like a 3 month old. He said the whole thing was a miracle. I love having a Christian Ped! We will have a another appointment with Lulu's neurologist in December to check her progress.
Vivienne is doing well too. She still adores her little sister, but is also getting more aware of Lulu and has gotten a bit jealous. She will hug, kiss and snuggle Lucielle one minute, and then cry that I am feeding her the next. Totally normal for her age. So I don't think she remembers much, if anything, from that day.
We have been incredibly thankful to our dear friends and family for praying for us and caring for us in such practical ways like cooking us meals and doing laundry. The trauma of that day has affected Brian and I in different ways. Brian is normally insanely extroverted and loves to be around people. His boss, Luis, has been AMAZING and let Brian work from home a lot over the past couple weeks. We went to Wednesday night events at Church last week and by the time we were finished with dinner, we were so overwhelmed with the attention and the questions that Brian decided we should just go home and skip Bible Study that night. Very unlike him. He has also had a hard time sorting through strong emotions similar to grief because Lulu is here and seemingly fine. Throughout the average day, I feel pretty good. Probably because the girls keep me so busy! Once they are both napping or in bed for the night, I have flashbacks to finding her on the bed. I think it will always be in the back of my mind. It's not a crippling fear that I am struggling with, but more of a nagging worry that she may have some brain damage that we can't see yet because she is so young. Like I may always wonder if she isn't walking yet because there's damage... or talking yet... or math is difficult... things like that. The first couple weeks, I almost felt numb. I didn't cry much. Very unlike me haha. It is confusing, though, because I almost wish I could cry and have a big emotional release. But it also doesn't seem like something to cry about because she is here. And fine. We didn't lose anything. And we are so utterly grateful and floored by the gift of our daughters life that the Lord gave us. We have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate during this holiday season! So I'll cry tears of joy and not saddness!

All in all we are doing ok. Brian and I will be seeing a counselor after Thanksgiving to talk through it all with a professional.

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