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September 6, 2013

One month old!

Holy Moly! This cutie beauty is a month old today! Not sure how that happened? Baby Lucielle really is sugar and spice and everything nice. She is the most mild mannered baby! Even more so than Vivienne was, which is hard for me to imagine! The first few weeks she slept. And slept. And slept some more! So much so that I wondered if she was sleeping too much? Don't get me wrong... I mean she slept a lot of the day... not a lot at one time. She is very different than big sister (who starting sleeping 7-10 hrs a night at 10 days old!). Lucielle woke every 2-3 hours to eat and then would pass right back out. This past week she has had about 45 mins of awake time after each feeding and started sleeping 4 hours at a time at night and *gasp* even 5 hours one time! We're getting there.... slowly but surely.... I hope!

Other than sleeping, eating (baby girl loves to nurse!), and pooping, Lucielle loves to fart. Yep. Our little lady Lulu. Burping after eating isn't her forte. She'd rather hold it in, take a good long nap, and then wake up farting more than I thought a person her size could! She also loves when we do bicycle legs and help her haha. It's a strangely satisfying part of my Mommy job. The only time Lu cries is when she is hungry. We call that her pterodactyl scream as it is quite sudden and urgent when she decides she's hungry. It's a joy to wake up to in the middle of the night (*sarcasm).

Lulu's favorite things at one month are:
  • White noise.  She kinda starts to squeak when she's tired, so we swaddle her, turn on white noise on our iPhone and lay her in the crook of our arm and her eyes close. She's like those sleeping baby dolls who's eyes move! Viv may have slept longer, but she took some convincing, swaying, and jiggling to fall asleep. The girls are so different!
  • Snuggle girls. Ok, she may not like this as much as Vivi and Mommy, but every morning the girls snuggle in Viv's bed for 2.5 seconds. It makes my Mommy heart swoon to see Viv light up when she holds her sister.
  • Milk! Although she was a pound smaller than sister at birth, I think she will grow faster and chubbier. Partially because she wakes up at night to eat so she is getting more milk in a 24 hour period.
  • The black picture frame collage on our wall. I think it's the contrasting light and dark and fun shapes that she enjoys. She reclines in her boppy pillow after eating and we have "play time". This means I give Vivi one-on-one attention while Lulu enjoys staring at the wall haha. It sounds so mean, but she's fascinated! This is when her eyes are most alert and least cross-eyed.
  • Bath-time. So warm and cozy and relaxing.
 Lulu's least favorite things at one month are:
  • Taking a pacifier. She's awfully dramatic about it and does a gagging face. She'll take it occasionally, but isn't really a fan. Sister LOVES her's at nap/bedtime so this is new to me haha. She doesn't really need it, but it would be helpful for the few times that I can't quite meet her needs right that moment like when we are running errands, I'm cooking, or helping Viv. It would buy me an extra minute or two haha.
  • When Viv is a little too rough. This goes without saying. I mean, who would like to have their eyes poked, toes squeezed and books dropped on them? None of it is intentional. We are working on gentle around the baby. But Viv is still very much a baby too!
  • Getting out of the bath. It's cold!
We sure love our little lovie Lulu! This month has been a crazy month of firsts and we are getting the hang of it. But I'm sure the adjustment to having two babies is far from over! But we wouldn't have it any other way!
I had a cute assistant helping take photos :)

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