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August 21, 2013

Bye Bye Grammie & Papa!

I normally like to do my blog posts in order of events. And I am super backed up with photos... for obvious reasons. New babies don't exactly give you a lot of free time. And neither do toddlers! This is probably the new "normal" for us!

This morning, Grammie and Papa left to go home. Such a sad day! While I could cry hormonal tears if I think about how much we will miss them, how wonderful it was to have them help and visit, and how much the girls will change before we get to see them again, instead I will post a few pictures of our last night together. We found a fun new place called Lulu's Market and Deli and we just KNEW that we had to celebrate our last night there. It was a million degree's outside where we sat, but the food was delicious! Lamb Gyro... yum! Then we went back to our place to play some games and chat and laugh.

Grammie and Papa, we love you sooooo much! Viv already misses you and runs to the living room looking for Papa and "Maggie" haha. Hopefully only a couple months before we can see you again!!! XOXOX

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