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August 26, 2013

Big Sister!

This wasn't the first time Viv held Lulu, but it was the first time I was able to be up and out of bed in the hospital to photograph it. It felt so good to be up and doing what I love... taking pictures of my babies!
 "Sad" was quickly followed by "all done!" haha.
 Our two day old beauty!
 Our 15 month old silly!
"Kiss it!"
Watching Vivienne grow up over night is something that still brings tears to my eyes. Tear of joy and sadness. She's not my little baby anymore. She grew up the moment she became a big sister! I'll never forget how huge she looked when she walked into the hospital room holding Papi's hand. Or how she yelled "Mommy!" as soon as she saw me! Or how she sat so still next to me on the hospital bed as we brought over her new baby and tried to explain for the hundredth time that Lulu isn't in Mommy's tummy anymore, she's right here! Viv was surprisingly gentle as she examined her new baby. It may have only lasted a minute, but it will forever be etched in my memory. The first time I held both my girls in my arms! (cue hormonal tears as I even type this haha). The first time my girls met!

The gentle curiosity our "big baby" had for our "little baby" has since worn off and has been replaced by a desire to play! Vivienne loves to "hug", "kiss", and "hold it" with Lulu. Especially if Vivienne is sad or upset. We do a lot of snuggles these days. Viv loves to steal Lulu's paci and share her toys - although she gets upset that Lulu can't grab the toys she hands her. Vivi also thinks it's funny to find Lulu's belly button and to tickle her toes. Viv is also keenly aware of Lulu and feels protective when someone else is holding her. She points to Lulu and tells me where she is just in case I didn't know. And she scrunches up her face in empathy when Lulu cries and says, "sad" or "okay baby".

Vivienne may not be the little baby anymore, but she's a great big sister! And there is great joy in that!

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