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July 13, 2013

15 months old - pool fun!

Cutie tootie is 15 months old! This is her last month being an only child! In three weeks she'll be a big sister! Time is going by so quickly! I think that every month Viv enters what I call my favorite age, but I really, really mean it this time! She has quite a personality and is constantly making us laugh. In fact, since she's discovered that she can do things to make us laugh, she keeps trying to be silly so that we laugh. She loves attention haha.

At 15 months, Viv:
  • She is still such an extrovert and says "hi" and "bye" to everyone she see's. Especially kids. She says it over and over and over and over.
  • She is FINALLY a full fledged walker! She dabbled with a few steps here and there for a couple months, but in the course of the past couple weeks, she decided she'd perfected walking and walks exclusively. She still is a bit wobbly and "bambi-like" but it's totally cute!
  • She's a fishy and loves the pool! I knew that being hugely pregnant during the summer would be rough, so I convinced hubs that we needed a pool pass to Como Pool to stay cool and keep Viv busy. It was the best decision ever! We go nearly every day. I get to stay cool and float and Viv has fun splashing and playing with other kids. She is free to "run wild" and explore without me needing to entertain her. It's heaven! 
  • She's a chatty little chickie. We estimate that Viv says 30-40 words on her own and repeats almost everything we say. Super funny, but we've got to be careful now! Viv repeated "stupid" the other day when a car cut Brian off while driving. Oops! Also, the more she talks, the more we discover about what kind of parents we are. For example, what does it say about us if our some of our baby's first words are: coffee, target, pool and cute haha. Some of her new fun words are: okie dokie, coffee, and repeating as we count to ten in Spanish and English.
  • She's a girlie girl! She pretty much yells "cuuuuuute" and "pretty" anytime we are at Target or the mall near the clothes, jewelry, and shoes. She also compliments strangers on their glasses, nail polish and jewelry. She's even sweet talked Grandma into buying her bracelets and cute clothes. She's so funny! She regularly asks for shoes, headbands, hats and sunglasses and says "cute" when we put them on. She also picks out her outfits in the morning (we let her chose between two) and then she stand in front of her mirror and says "pretty". I guarantee she hasn't ever seen me do that haha so not sure where she picked that up.
  • She loves her baby. I bought Viv a stuffed baby doll when we found out we were pregnant. She has become quite the little mommy to her baby. She carries her around all the time, rocks her back and forth, and says "ok, baby" while patting her on the back. Still not sure how much she understands about there being a baby in my tummy or that a real baby is about to steal her mommy, but right now, she loves her baby doll and every baby we see. She was surprisingly gentle with a friends new baby when we went for a visit.
  • She is very affectionate and is really big into hugs and kisses. And tickles haha.
  • She loves sleeping and we've gotten really spoiled! She sleeps from 7:30p-8:30a. Most days she takes a morning nap from 10a-12p and an afternoon nap from 2p-4p. I may or may not nap during those times too. Our apartment looks like a tornado went off, but it's getting harder to sleep at night, so nap time is my favorite!
  • During our weekly bible study, Viv plays with my friends kiddos, all of whom are boys. When we leave, Viv says "more boys" and talks about the cars, trucks and balls she plays with there. It's super funny! Guess we have too many "girl" toys like babies and my little ponies haha. 
  • She also has a baby crush on Brian's boss' son, Luisen who is 15 yrs old. Every time she see's him she gets a goofy smile and waves and say's "hi" a bunch. She also touches his arm or leg and giggles. Super funny!
  • Viv's favorite things are still Roxie, Paci and Cozy (her blanket), but KEYS are close behind! She has become the keeper of the keys and is in charge of them whenever we are out unless we're using them to drive. We tried to give her her own plastic keys, but she ca tell the difference!
 Believe it or not from this pic, but Viv LOVES the slide! She only gets to go when Papi comes to the pool with us so it's a real treat!
 She yells "more" as soon as they pop up and then waves and says "bye bye mommy" so they go again and again.
 "Sooooo big!"

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