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March 4, 2013

Beach Baby, Beach Baby

Golly, I love this little beach baby! She was so funny as we walked around La Jolla, Ca. I found these little baby sunglasses at Goodwill for 50 cents before we left. Vivienne wouldn't wear them for more than a min or two before we left. Once we were actually in the sun, she started to keep them on for a little longer. Then, on the day we visited La Jolla, Viv decided that she LOVED the attention she got from people while she wore her sunnies so much so that she kept them on nearly all day! She's such a ham! She LOVES attention and will do whatever it takes to get it! This usually entails staring people down with a smile until they look at her. At which point her face nearly shatters with the cutest, biggest smile ever! She even adds a fake laugh or two if people don't look right away. Total ham bone! She get's it from her Papi! Pushing a sunglass wearing baby in a stroller gets you a lot of attention. But pushing a sunglass and necklace wearing baby with pink polished toes and a giant grin makes you feel like you are with a celebrity! Grammie, Papa and I got quite a kick out of it.

Vivienne loved the beach. She was a little hesitant to put her hands in the sand and crawl, but loved it just the same. Grass was a way bigger hit! She wanted to crawl around in it all day! She's been  a deprived Minnesota baby! Can't wait for spring!
 Hey! What is this stuff? Sand is weird!
 Viv 10 months. Baby Bird 16 weeks (4 months).
 The picture on the left is of Vivienne "woo-ing" a group of girls from Japan. They ooed and awed at her to her delight!

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