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March 13, 2013

11 months

 We are in the final countdown, folks! Only 1 month until 1 year old! What? How did that happen? Wasn't it just yesterday they were wheeling me into an emergency c-section? And now we have this little spitfire? Yikes! It goes just as fast as other mom's have said! At 11 months, Vivienne isn't nearly the same baby she was a couple months ago! I am amazed by how much she has grown and changed in the last month! She is quite a chatty kid and super active.

Vivienne loves:
  • Dancing. I think she learned it from watching "Yo Gabba Gabba" every now and then because it's not like she see's me dancing around the house haha. But every time a phone rings or we play music, she sways back and forth and bobs up and down. Super cute!
  • Talking. Viv's list of words is growing so fast that I should probably stop keeping track! She says: "Uh oh", "woof", "Mommy/Mama",  "Dada", "Muah" (kiss), "ooooo", "Up", "wow", "no no", "Hi", "Bye", "nana" (banana/food), "Baby", "Wawa" (water), "Boo", "Roar", "ha ha ha", "mmmm" (after every bite of food haha). She also seems to understand most of what I say and can obey and follow simple instructions. She can also sign "all done" and "more".
  • Kisses. She's a very affectionate kiddo and LOVES to say "muah" and give kisses with we accept with joy!
  • Wearing sunglasses and hats. She probably does well with it because we make such a fuss of how cute she is when she wears them. She smiles so proudly.
  • Waving. She loves to wave hi/bye to everyone!
  • Facetime. She giggles like crazy when we call Grammie and Papa. Partially because she thinks it's funny to see herself on the screen as we wait for them to answer and partially because of all the funny things they do to get her to laugh. It's hard to be far from family, but thankful for technology to make it a little closer!
  • Crawling in grass. I think she likes the texture and coolness of the grass. Plus it was something fun and new!
  • Finding eyes. She loves to point out eyes on her babydoll and stuffed animals. She also like to point to Mommy and Papi's teeth haha.
  • Playing catch with Papi. Beyond adorable! They sit on the floor with legs open and roll a ball back and forth. She squeals in delight!
  • Jumping. She tries to jump while standing often, but can't make it off the ground. She also loves to imitate her wind-up jumping bunny. So funny!
  •  Wooing strangers. Vivienne will stare people down until they look at her and then she pulls out all the stops and forces them to become her new best friend. Funny, social baby!
  • Bottle and Paci. Time to start weaning her of these before she gets too "addicted" haha.
  • The bathroom. Not sure why this fasciantion, but if the door is open, she races and fast and she can to the bathroom trying to get there before we do haha. She is surprisingly fast!

Vivienne doesn't like:
  • Her hands getting dirty. She didn't like sand, clay, grass, or playground bark on her hands.
  • When we say "no". She knows what she wants and when she wants it. Yay.
  • Being hungry. She just like her dad.
  • Being done sleeping. She hates when we need to wake her up for one reason or another. She is done sleeping when she is done sleeping! Sometimes that's after only a 45 min nap or a long 14 hour night.  
 I have been asked many times how I get Vivienne to keep her headbands on. When we put them on we tell her how cute she is. Plus she's worn them pretty much since birth, so she usually doesn't even know they're there. While she does better than I thought she would, she definitely thinks it's funny to rip them off every now and then.

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