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April 11, 2012

40 Weeks - Baby's Eviction Notice!

Baby Bird's due date has come and gone... and I'm still pregnant! April 10th has been a date that I have looked forward to for 9 months now and it's was somewhat uneventful. While I know that only 5% of women deliver ON their due date and 50% of women deliver after, I still thought for sure I'd be a mommy by now. Especially since I was on bed rest and medication for a few weeks! Now I feel even more like a ticking time bomb about to start labor at any second than I did before. As you can tell from the black and white photo, but belly button popped out this week! Baby Bird has definitely sunk even lower into my pelvis causing even more crazy swelling in my legs/feet and apparently also a popped out belly button! The Baby Doc said that it's my butterball turkey temp timer that has popped to say "I'm done!"

We had our 40 week Baby Doc appointment yesterday on our actual due date. I am now 4cm dilated! That's almost half the work done without any labor pains yet! Hopefully that means labor will be short and sweet (yea right!) when it does finally come one! Although, I can't exactly say that I haven't had any labor pains because last week there were 3 nights that I thought for sure I was in labor and was having painful contractions every 5 mins that fizzled out after a few hours. So lame! But I guess if those "false labor" episodes were causing me to dilate more, I guess I can't complain too much. Also at our Baby Doc appt, Brian asked the doc how many bellies she'd measured that were over 50cm thinking it was a ridiculously high number because the number of cm relates to the number of weeks you are pregnant. She said that she was sure she'd had some as she was measuring me. Then she kinda smirked so I asked what my uterus was measuring and she said, 48cm! I "should" be around 40cm. Again, she felt my tummy to get an idea of the size of baby bird and she thinks he/she is at least 9 lbs! Yikes! As you all know, I'm not exactly the tallest person and I don't really have a torso so baby pops right out there, so I guess this explains why everyone keeps asking me if it's twins! We talked about induction because I am officially overdue. Baby Bird is big. This already puts me at a higher risk for c-section, so gibing birth sooner rather than later is a good thing. However, being induced also is a higher risk for c-section. We decided to give Baby Bird an eviction notice. If he/she hasn't decided to come out by Tuesday, April 17th at 7:30am then I will be induced! That means that with in a week we are guaranteed to be parents!!! Baby Doc then did a membrane sweep again to see if we can encourage baby to get this labor thing going! That meant that I spent all day yesterday feeling crampy and sore with a few contractions, but nothing to get us excited. Hopefully something happens soon! I'm so antsy to find out who's in there!

My mommy has been in town for 2 weeks now. She flew in early because we all thought Baby Bird was in a rush to fly the coup (wrong!) and that was the best deal she found on flights. This means we've had lots of time to hang out, have coffee dates, go on walks, see movies and just have fun! It also means that she has gotten to see first hand all the comments I get when we're out in public. Sometimes I wonder if people have never seen a pregnant woman before by the way they react to me and my belly. Yesterday, 3 complete strangers asked if it was twins! And another the day before that! Most people stare at my belly and point it out to people they are with. Some are bold enough to ask when I'm due. One lady stopped to chat with me about my belly and after she thought I was out of earshot, she turned to her friend and said, "Oh my gosh! She's HUGE!". It's also funny to hear comments or get "pitied" looks from people I would never expect. Like the biker chick wearing black fringed chaps, or the teenager with cornrow braids and saggy pants who said, "Holy sh*t! When are you due???" when he saw me. Pregnancy is so funny! It's also funny to hear people's reaction to our not knowing the gender of Baby Bird. A middle-aged guy at Caribou wanted to take a guess and he said his first thought was a boy because I am so big (thanks) but he changed his mind to a girl with green eyes (very specific!). He was quite bummed when I couldn't tell him if he was right or not so he gave me his name and told me to look him up on facebook and keep him posted haha.

So now we are waiting and anticipating the birth of our little (or not so little) baby! Crosby/Vivienne: get out!!!
 (L) My Easter baby bump: my niece and nephew gave the baby a sticker. They also laughed like crazy when I had them feel the baby's butt. (R) My pregnancy tracker app was so encouraging on my due date! Too bad it wasn't actually THE day.
(L) 6 years ago when my sister in law was pregnant with my niece, Stacey & I put bowls under our shirts and took a goofy picture. On Easter we remembered this and Bethany put a bowl under her shirt for another goofy pic! We've come full circle :)

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