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February 16, 2012

32 weeks

32 weeks! Wow! There is a lot less to share about this week compared to last. Ever since we left the hospital, we didn't know how "paranoid" we needed to be. Especially as we adjusted to me being on modified bed rest. I was still having contractions even with the medicine so we eventually were sent back to the hospital on Valentine's day afternoon. We were there less than an hour because the contractions stopped, but we were able to get a little more information from the nurse on how "worried" we should be. Apparently, I will have contractions til baby comes and the medication is more to stop those contractions from changing my cervix than to stop the actual contractions. The more active I am, the more contractions I will have. So if I am laying on my left side, fully hydrated and comfortable and having several consistent contractions, then I should call the OB. Otherwise, it's my clue that I need to slow down and take it a little more easy. 

Baby Bird is still a big baby and, big surprise, my uterus still measured big at this weeks OB appointment!  This means that at 36 weeks we will have an ultrasound to determine exactly how big we are talking. That is, if we make it to 36 weeks! Doc said that I will be on bed rest until 34 weeks and then I can slowly add more activity. At 35-36 weeks I can do whatever I want (yay!) and at 37 weeks I can stop taking the medication. They can't predict whether or not Baby Bird will be here early or not, but we are kind of hoping he/she will come sooner rather than later! We want to know who is in there!!! Brian has been suffering with baby fever for the past few weeks. Especially since so many of our friends have had babies recently. He's all over holding them as soon as he see's them. In fact, just tonight he asked our friends if he could smell their newborn daughter because he didn't believe me when I said how wonderful new babies smell and how I can't wait to smell Baby Bird. Now he doesn't think I'm so crazy and he can't wait to smell our baby too! We're a weird family haha. 

Baby Bird is still kicking like crazy. He/she is positioned head down so my ribs have become sore from his/her kickboxing. Baby Bird is also responding to Brian's gentle taps and nudges on my belly by squirming and kicking back. He says they are already "wrestling" with each other. Cute!
 (L) We got a stroller this week. Hubs had to put it together. It's a Snap-n-Go so that means that the car seat will snap into the base and become a stroller. Perfect for traveling with little Baby Bird. (R) Our local Starbucks found a cute way to let us know which mug was the decaf coffee. We're regulars haha.
 (L) The adorable baby shower invite that Brian's mom is planning for us! Can't wait! (R) My medication won't let me eat my biggest craving. It's a bummer. I've had to settle for LOTS of Orange Juice. Yum!
(L) We are still working on rearranging the apartment. This is the only clean area of our place: bed rest central on the couch! (R) The rest of the apartment is in disarray and looks like this! We're hoping Baby Bird can wait for a few more weeks so we can get everything cleaned and together! Especially the Baby's Room :)

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